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Welcome to Shining River!

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A heartfelt welcome to you as you visit Shining River, the official web site for the music of Lisa Prokopowitz.

I am a Christian singer, songwriter, and guitarist who is devoted to sharing Jesus; His love, faithfulness, and goodness through music. By the grace of God may this web site always lead you to The River, that is , the "River of the Water of Life" spoken of in
Revelations 22:1.

Shining River is a place where you will find life and sustenance, where you will be filled with Living Water, especially when all around you seems to be barren and dry.
It is my hope that this site will encourage and minister to you, and that you will come back to it again and again.

What's New?

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Shining River Youtube Channel

Shining River Youtube Channel

Latest Video Posts:

Listen online to Fill This Temple CD

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If you are new to Shining River you may want to check out the Site Map page. It gives you a brief description of each section of the web site, to help you find exactly what you are seeking. Or you can just click on the buttons to the left and explore.

Upcoming Public Appearances

Go to my "Appearances" page for a list of gigs scheduled in the coming months. Some are solo, some with groups..... My prayer is that ALL will be a special time together ... and hopefully YOU can find one that's convenient for you, and bless us with YOUR presence!

Listen to Music / Purchase CD's

Go to my Music page to find out more about how you can listen to songs and/or buy CD's. Also, be sure to check out my Myspace Page, not only to listen to more music, but to stay in touch as well....

Non-Musical Writings

If you hang around me long enough, you'll realize that I LOVE to write! Not only music, but also encouraging words to inspire others to draw near to Jesus. Check out my "Manna Blog" for brief words of encouragement, as well as my "Meditations Archive" for links to more extensive prior writings. See an overview of all these writings at my "Meditations"page.

If you would like to be informed when I post new blog entries or meditations (as well as info about upcoming events, etc.) be sure to join my E-mail List.

What's New?

As of September 29, 2016

Upcoming Gigs with the Oracle Band:

Oracle Band at The Barn in Wyckoff, NJ

Saturday, October 1, 2016 (6:30 PM). I'll be singing with the Oracle Band at The Barn (Faith Community Christian Reformed Church) after their Singles Potluck Dinner. 530 Sicomac Avenue, Wyckoff, NJ 07481. There is a small admission fee for this event, and attendees are invited to bring their favorite main dish, salad, soup or appetizer to share. Hosted by Christian Singles of North Jersey.

Oracle Band in North Haledon, NJ--Justice Rocks 2

Friday, October 21, 2016, 7:00 to 10:00 PM. Enjoy music with the band Oracle. Shop a market of fair trade and ethically-produced items, including coffee, chocolate, clothing, accessories, and household items.
Learn about modern-day slavery and current abolition efforts with Justice Network. This event is FREE. Donations are welcome and go directly to education, awareness, and restoration for survivors of human trafficking.

Justice Rocks 2 Facebook page:

For more information email:

Youtube Videos on other Youtube channels

Feel free to check out some Youtube videos on another Youtube channel, that I discovered which had been posted by one of the attendees at one of LGM's Worship in the Woods Retreats.... Here is another version of my song, "Mercy and Majesty":

Mercy and Majesty by Lisa Prokopowitz --

There are others posted from the retreat on the same Youtube channel. Here is another one that you may enjoy (in which I sing with Wayne and Debbie Monbleau from LGM):

Amazing Grace by Loving Grace Worship Team

Listen to CD's and song clips

Fill This Temple CD

Available for digital download at various sources

The Fill This Temple CD is available for download at the following online stores:






Fill This Temple can also be found at:

Google Play

Rhapsody and

iHeart Radio

Painter of the Heavens CD

Now available for digital download here.

Upcoming Music Project

Hey, sorry I've been so "quiet" in recent months! A lot has been going on to be sure! One exciting thing about which I would appreciate your prayers--I am in the process of recording some of my original songs which many people absolutely love (but which have not been available on any of my CD's up to this point). Pray for the Lord's will in all things, and as soon as I have any other news to announce I will let you know!

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