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Remake Me, Lord

The spring and summer before "9/11", had been a very prolific time for me in terms of songwriting. Several songs were written, and had brought much joy to my heart. There was one song, however, that comforted me somehow as I thought about it over the days that followed the tragedy.

I had written a song called "Soften our Hearts" on May 23, 2001. The song is a very moving and beautiful song that asks the Lord to soften our hard hearts so that we might know Him. There was one line in the song that I hadn't really thought much about until after that day when those strong towers simply "melted". I don't want to treat lightly the horror that so many dear people experienced that day, so please don't take my words as uncaring about their/your grief. But rather, if possible, step outside the emotion, and look at the word picture the Lord painted for my heart.

Those towers were strong and seemingly unyielding. Yet when the intense heat was applied, they essentially began to "melt". The thing with which God comforted my heart was this... several months earlier, I had written these words: "...Oh, cold heart, afraid to feel; Let Him hold you, and warm you in His arms. Oh hard heart, as strong as steel; Come let Him melt you, let Him remake you, as He softens your heart." (from Soften our Hearts)

I saw my heart (our hearts) as hard, "seemingly" strong and unyielding... Yet what we needed was the warmth of God's love to warm us enough to melt our own hardness away, so He could remake us in His image.

The sorrow of 9/11 still saddens my heart to this day, especially knowing so many lives will never be the same again. Yet having that "word" from the Lord somehow comforted my heart. Perhaps through that "fire" in all of our lives, individually and as a country; He might, by His grace, see fit to even use that difficult time to "melt" our hearts and then remake us more into His likeness.

Remake us, Lord.

Soften our Hearts is included in the "Lift Up" CD, recently released by Loving Grace Ministries. Find out more about this CD, how to order it, and hear the music clip "Soften Our Hearts by clicking on this link: Lift Up CD.

September 11, 2003

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