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Here's a brief update to hopefully put a smile on your face.... :)

I've been spending the "quiet" moments post holidays to pull together my taxes. In doing so, I always double check the past year's calendar to be sure I haven't forgotten any important info.
For those who read the "Listening with Lisa" entry entitled "rockstars", I have a little addendum. This made me smile, and I hope it does the same for you. If you haven't read the original story, this won't make much sense, but if you did, I think you'll understand why I smiled when I became aware of this....

Remember at one point I said I didn't know if I'd remembered all the details, and that there might be other things that would "come to light" down the road? Well...

As I was going through the July page of the calendar (for my taxes), I saw this (which I had totally forgotten) written in the July 7th block: "Fill This Temple sent out today". Because the following month had so many details back and forth to get the CD totally finished, I had forgotten about the day it originally left my hands to begin the replication process. Yes, indeed, it was 7/7/08. I just chuckled when I saw that, and wanted to share it :). God is good, and often so tender to us. I pray He'll be tender toward you today....

In Jesus,


February 25, 2009

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