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To contact me, Lisa Prokopowitz, or Shining River, use the following mailing address:

Lisa Prokopowitz

c/o Shining River

P.O. Box 7

Ringwood, NJ 07456-0007

Or send me an e-mail at:

lisa at

(replace "at" with @ and leave out the spaces)

E-mailing Tips

Make it Brief

Your message may be denied delivery if it is too long.

Try Again

If you don't get an answer within a day or two, your e-mail probably never made it to me.

Use My Alternate AOL Address

If you have trouble getting your e-mail through, try using this address:

shiningriversong at

(replace "at" with @ and leave out the spaces)

Don't Send Spam

I really want to hear from you...I love getting your e-mails. So e-mail me when the Spirit moves you. However, SPAM is annoying and rude. Please don't send SPAM. Thanks.

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