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Buy the recently released Sacred Sojourn / Follow Me CD, or listen/purchase in digital format at the following webpage:

(BTW, if you happen to know me [Lisa] personally, already see me routinely, and want to save on shipping costs, you may certainly pick up your CD(s) in person. Simply contact me so that we can arrange for your pick up place and time.)

Thanks to those who came to join us for the CD Release Party! The following video was posted before that event, and contains a medley of the songs on this inspiring CD.

This CD Includes the following songs:

1. Be Still

2. You Know Better

3. Follow Me

4. Rushin'

5. Move On

6. Lily of the Valley

7. Prodigal Child

8. Harbor Song

9. Confidence

10. I'll See You

11. Rock of Ages

12. Holy One of Israel

Stay tuned to this page for further info about this CD, lyrics, etc.

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